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FB_IMG_1422894775304So it’s been 1 month since I’ve been using Zen Bodi.. a product by Jeunesse Global.  Zen Bodi is a new product for weigh management.  It works by curbing cravings, burning fat, and building muscle.  ZEN BODI restores the body’s natural mechanisms.  I started using Zen Bodi because I had hit a wall in my weight management journey.   I had to be honest with myself and seek help.  So far in a month ive lost 4″ off my waist and 5 lbs.  Now i know what you’re thinking, “I CAN DO THAT WITHOUT THE PRODUCT .. IN FACT I CAN LOSE MORE.”  Well.. let me let  you know that the weigh loss has been without much change to my diet.  Yup that’s right .. I wanted to try the product without major changes to my routines and diets..and I got results.  You can call it my PHASE 1.   This second month, or as I like to call it PHASE 2, I begin a healthy diet and an exercise regiment and I’m exited to see what results I get after this 2nd month.

Another reason to my approach is that I don’t want this as just a diet or a trial.  This is eventually going to become my lifestyle. So I rather take small steps and wait a little longer for the results then have drastic changes and then go back to old habits.  This product has been changing my life little by little.  For more information you can visit my friends who spoke to me about it at 

I promise this isn’t an infomercial but something Im living and experiencing.

ERNESTO_bwAs far as music goes… There is a new album coming out Tuesday (TOMORROW) produced by Me called POR FE.  The artist is Ernesto Rivas.  Im very eager to get this out since it will be my first Alternative Rock type project I release.  That’s right I do more than HIP HOP.  LOL.. for more information on that please visit   Thank you guys for all the support and lets keep this going.


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2 years and A New Journey

2 years and A New Journey

Well, it’s been about two years since i wrote something on this blog.  A lot has happened in my life that forced me to take time away from blogging.  However like a boomerang, I tend to always come back to it stronger, better and with a lot more to say.  These 2 years have seen Uneak music grow into multiple projects, albums, singles, videos, and production.  I have launched and in my personal life I am now engaged to my girlfriend of 6 years.  A lot of positives have happen and some negatives.  I lost my grandfather late in 2014, have lost a couple of employment opportunities, but we keep moving forward.  One battle that I continue to have is being overweight.  It’s one thing I have always battled post high school.   Ive done diets, I’ve hit the gym, and I get nowhere.  Today I begin a new journey with a friend of mine.  She introduced me to a product called ZEN BODY.  Theres a lot of information I could give you about it, but that will be coming soon.  In the next couple of months I will be sharing my Journey with those who want to come along with me.  I will include pictures, history and a lot of information.  We’ll see where we end up.


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New Endeavours

So 2013 is upon us, and with it come new challenges, goals, and resolutions.  I recently have taken upon myself to expand my knowledge in everything that is media.  I had the opportunity to help my friends L1 and Dave Santos with a series of small teaser videos for their upcoming mixtape ‘Sound Portrait’.  I thought helping them out would be a great way to improve my videography skills.  In addition, I’ve also began working on ALBUM ARTWORK for different artists.

I thought it be nice to show you guys all three videos.  Let me know what you think. Feel free to comment, like and share.

Volume I: The production process of David Santos.

Volume II: The writing process of L1.

Volume III: Wrapping things up with a recording session.

Thank you..

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New Music – Jason Velázquez

Today’s blog is simple.  I want to introduce you guys to Jason Velázquez.  A singer 27yr old Singer from Lehigh Valley, PA.  Hope you enjoy his music like I have.

Make sure to like his Facebook Page and Subscribe to him on YouTube.

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Best Christian Hip Hop Songs

I enjoy many different genres of music.  For the longest time, I couldn’t tell anyone what my favorite genre was.  Sometimes I would be really into rock.  Other times I would migrate to spanish music.  Like a leaf caught in a current of wind, so did my taste in music.  I recently realized that I do have a favorite genre of music, and that genre is Hip Hop.  I love the clever punch lines, the hard drums, the samples and I really enjoy seeing how the genre is evolving.  I’ve seen Hip Hop incorporate folk music and melodies.  It used to be loops and loops and loops, but now it’s become so much more.  There’s a musical essence to it now.  Take all that and incorporate a living message.  A message of hope and love.  A message of salvation, and you have something amazing.  So, I wanted to share with you my top 7 Christian Hip Hop Songs. Based on the song as a whole, not just hot beats or hot lyrics.

7. Lucky Ones – Lecrae

6. So It Begins – S.O.

5. It Don’t Stop – Tunnel Rats

4. Falling – Trip Lee

3. Tell The World – Lecrae

2.Go Off – KB

1.Young – Andy Mineo

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Break Through The Blank Wall – 4 Ways to Beat Creative Blocks

One of the biggest challenges for a producer or anyone in a creative field is the self-inflicted pressure of creating something amazing every time you begin a new project.  A lot of times we sit down inspired and once we get to it, our mind goes blank.   I think it’s one of the worst feelings in the world.  It’s such an enigma to think about how one day you can be coming up with great ideas and the next day not have a single one.

What do you do when you’re drawing blanks?

Especially if you’re dealing with deadlines? Here are some things that have helped me get back on track.

  1.  Get away from your project.  literally get up and go do something completely different.    Go work out, go read, go do something that is not related to your project.  For example: I’ll get up and go read, go play basketball or maybe take a nap.  This helps clear your mind and takes pressure off yourself.  Sometimes our minds just need a minute to clear up.
  2. 2.    Browse other projects similar to yours.  I’m not talking about going and copying other people.  I think our mind sometimes just doesn’t have a place to begin.  It’s like you’re going to run a race but you don’t know where the starting line is.  I sometimes will go on YouTube and search different producers, different songs, and even different genres of music to find my “starting line”.   Sometimes finding projects that aren’t so good makes you feel like, MAN I CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER and your mind just takes off.  Or you can find an amazing project that just inspires you to be better at what you’re doing.
  3. 3.    Break through.  Sometimes we don’t’ have time to go do something else or go take a nap.  What do you do then? Well you just keep going.  Break through that blank wall.  There are times I have a deadline and I just have to continue to work.  I might not like the first or the second idea; but by the third or fourth try, my mind starts to wake up.
  4. 4.    Relax.  We need to understand that like anything else, pressure can be a destructive force in creativity.  I do know some people who work better under pressure so I’m sure this doesn’t apply.   However even those people sometimes will need to take a second and relax.  Enjoy what you’re doing.  Remember why you love what you do.

These are some of the ways I break through when I draw creative blanks.  What are some of your ways?  Feel free to comment and share.



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In Focus: Prophocey

Real Music Records

Prophocey from Real Music Records

I really believe that in order for you to get ahead in life, you need to surround yourself with people who are hard workers, and who are going to push you to be better at your craft. I want to introduce you guys to someone who’s been that type of person in my life the last 3 months. He goes by the name PROPHOCEY. Prophocey is the founder and C.E.O Of Real Music Records, which is the label I am signed to. With 5 albums released in the past four years, three mixtapes, and six music videos, you can see why he’s pushed me to be a hard worker. For more on Prophocey hit him up on facebook.

What does your rapper name mean? Through life I have had times where i knew God was warning me not to go or to go and it was his will that i survived.

How old were you when you started rapping? 13

What have the biggest challenge as a rapper? Changing the name rapper to lyricist

Who are your biggest musical inspirations? Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Outkast, J Dilla, Common, Talib Kweli, Thousand (My mentor) Busta Rhymes, Mos Def

If you could open for one artist, who would that artist be? Not one really but if i had no choice Common, Talib Kweli

In 3 words describe your style of music? REAL MUSIC RECORDS!

What are your plans for 2013? Take over all of Ohio with all artists then my In-House Producer will feel more accepted coming over here doing a DJ Party with us over here!

Where can people find your music? Itunes, Reverbnation, Amazon, Youtube


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